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Congratulations to Kevin Christiano! He was awarded the Prix du Québec in Portland, Maine at the recent ACQS Bienniel Conference. Dr. Christiano, a sociology professor at the University of Notre Dame, was recognized for his outstanding scholarship and service.

Québec courses syllabi are found here: Course Syllabi

We congratulate Professor Lucie Hotte, Research Chair for Francophone Canadian Cultures and Literatures, has been named Professor of the Year for the University of Ottawa's Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Hotte, a member of the Québec Studies editorial board, will hold the Visiting Canadian Studies Chair at l'Université de Poitiers in the Fall of 2016.

We congratulate Québec Studies editorial board member Professor Jimmy Thibeault of l'Université Sainte-Anne on receiving tenure. Thibeault holds the Canada Research Chair for Acadian and Francophone Studies.

Lucie Hotte and François Ouellet have co-edited La littérature franco-ontarienne depuis 1996. Nouveaux enjeux esthétiques (Éditions Prise de parole, 2016).

Denis Provencher will join the Department of French and Italian within the School of International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at the University of Arizona effective August 15, 2016, as Department Head and Professor of French. With ACQS Vice-President Charles Batson, Denis Provencher organized the 2014 Queer Québec Colloquium at the ACQS Biennial meeting in Montreal. Batson and Provencher are also the guest editors of special dossiers in Québec Studies 60 and 61. Denis is the editor of Contemporary French Civilization and the author of Queer Maghrebi French: Language, Temporalities, Transfiliations (forthcoming in 2016) and Queer French: Globalization, Language, and Sexual Citizenship in France (2007). Congratulations!

Call for Papers: Le défi de la fragilité: Exiguïteé, distance et fantasmes identitaires dans l'œuvre critique de François ParV Les 4, 5 et 6 mai 2017

Call for proposals for a Québec Studies dossier from Dr. Kirsty Bell, Université Mount Allison: CFP Document.

We congratulate Lori Saint-Martin and Paul Gagné for winning another Governor General's Award for Translation. Their French-language version of Mordecai Richler's Solomon Gursky won this year's prize.

We also congratulate Patricia Smart, whose recent book De Marie de l'Incarnation à Nelly Arcand: Se dire, se faire, won the Jean-Éthier Blais Prize freom the Fondation Lionel-Groulx. The book is reviewed in the forthcoming volume of Québec Studies.